6 Alternative Endings To I Am Legend

Have you seen the movie I am Legend which stars Will Smith? How many of you were satisfied with how it ended?

Well?. Definitely, after watching one man living alone with his dog and witnessing how he lived his daily life, the ending was quite anti-climactic and highly melodramatic as far as I am concerned.

Now there is a problem with this kind of ending. It assumes that the human-turned-monster has gotten in touch with its human side again and was able to identify his female monster partner and qiuqiu online feel emotions upon seeing the female monster. If they wanted this kind of ending then the humanness of the monsters should have been progressively developed in the movie.

There were hints that the monsters were developing a sense of intelligence, like the trap that they set up, the ability to prowl at the edges of sunlight, etc. But this was not apparent enough to make that kind of ending. The jump would have been too

Moreover, if the monster was that cognizant, shouldn?t he have asked for the treatment as well instead of just taking the female monster away?

On the other hand, the current ending has its own problems, in my opinion. As mentioned earlier it is too melodramatic in a heroic kind of sense. I do not also see the logic as to why he had to blow himself up with all the monsters. Wouldn?t it have been better if he just stayed alive as he was the source of the anti-bodies in the first place?

So here goes a list of alternate endings to the movie I am Legend:

Following the current ending of the movie ?

  1. Instead of blowing himself up with the grenade, he should have just thrown the grenade into the mob of monsters. Being an intelligent and scientific man, he should have prepared a plan in case his lab was infiltrated by monsters. He had enough time in his hands to do this. If he did this he could have:
  2. Installed UV lights in his lab so that if it got infiltrated he would just switch it on from that small area that he was in and burn the living daylights out of those monsters.
  3. Installed explosives that will either provide enough sunlight come day while he hides in that small nook.
  4. Armored his small nook and installed explosives to nuke the damn things.
  5. Placed an arsenal in that lab as he knew from the start that that is his last stand.
  6. Build a shoot in his lab that will lead him to the Bat Cave.

You may believe that some of my suggestions are downright mad, but hey, I stayed there for 2 hours watching this man talk to himself and chat up a mannequin for God?s sake, the least the producers could do is give me a bit of action. Is that so hard to do?

Okay, what I want to know now is what you think the best alternate ending would be for I am Legend. I am going to put a challenge in and I hope you could come and either domino99 vote or suggest your own ending. I will bet though that the 6th ending will win this game. (tongue in cheek)

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